About Us

Did you ever go shopping for something and just couldn’t find it? Well, that happened to us a few years ago. We were trying to find dresses for our toddler that didn’t have corporate logos, inappropriate slogans, or that made her look like she was 2 going on 22.

We wanted clothes that encompassed being a 2-year-old girl. Clothes that exuded happiness, fun, and what it means to be a kid.

That’s why we opened Bluebellino. We are a toddler boutique that features a great selection of toddler dresses and toddler clothes in all sizes at reasonable prices.

We carry beautiful party dresses and adorable everyday dresses in child friendly styles you can’t find at the local superstore. In addition, unlike the mammoth retailers, we set aside 10% of our proceeds to donate charitable causes.

So if you are looking for dresses for a wedding, a holiday, or just for your girl to go out and play, stop by and see us at Bluebellino.